Trust AGM & SGM Outcomes 2020

Last updated: 26th February 2021


Trust AGM and SGM Outcomes 13 October 2020

Owing to current Coronavirus restrictions these two meetings were held under exceptional circumstances which did not permit attendance by members but allowed participation using proxy votes. The Board wishes to place on record its sincere gratitude to all members who responded to the call to exercise their proxy votes which ensured that the Trust’s five directors were able to meet under strict Covid-compliant conditions to discharge essential business.

All tabled AGM resolutions were passed as well as the single SGM resolution to transfer all assets and engagements from the present Exeter St James Neighbourhood Trust to the “new” Exeter St James Community Trust, a truly charitable Community Benefit Society under the aegis of Co-operatives UK Rules ().
We are now poised to complete this process but there is one more hurdle to negotiate before this can be achieved.

Previously notified was the fact that a further SGM to confirm this decision would be held on Tuesday 27 October 2020. This statutory meeting, under Section 111 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, is unavoidable and will be held under the same arrangements as before; no members will be admitted but all are encouraged to participate using a Form of Proxy to vote on the single resolution:

That the resolution adopted on 13 October 2020 transferring the engagements and assets of this society to Exeter St James Community Trust Ltd is hereby confirmed.

Once again - hopefully for the final time - the Board of Directors earnestly asks members to vote to ensure that the proposed transfer of engagements can be confirmed and the Trust’s future charitable status secured.

and return it to the Trust registered address by Monday 26 October 2020. Forms may be hand delivered, posted or scanned and sent by email to
Remember we need as many of you to vote as possible so that the total number of votes cast reaches a number to satisfy the Society’s quorum of 10% of members. YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT – PLEASE USE IT!


Results of AGM voting

All 7 resolutions were passed unanimously
Number of votes for: 56
Number of votes against: 0

Results of SGM voting

The single resolution was passed unanimously
Number of votes for: 56
Number of votes against: 0

AGM and SGM papers can be viewed here.


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