The Neighbourood Plan

The process of preparing a plan is intended to be fairly simple in many respects. It requires:

  • agreement that a plan is needed; 

  • some evidence based facts and figures about the area to enable us to make informed proposals.   

  • for the community to agree what the neighbourhood should be like – this needs to be debated and agreed at a wider community event;

  • a plan showing the sort of change and actions that might be necessary to move the  neighbourhood from what it is now to what it could be in the future – this needs to be developed with wider community involvement and consulted on;

  • a list of priority projects which it is realistic for us to pursue – these need to be developed with wider community involvement and consulted on.

In May 2011 we leafleted the whole neighbourhood and held a community meeting at which it was agreed a plan was needed.  At the meeting we asked people to express an interest in becoming involved and developed a list of members. If you would like to become a member please contact us!

Our next step involved compiling facts and figures about the area to ensure we have all the evidence we need to prepare a plan. We are completing this work in January.  
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In November 2011 we again leafleted the whole community to invite people to the Big Neighbourhood Drop-in to start to develop the plan in earnest! Keep an eye out for announcements 
on the website about the next community event.


A Neighbourhood Plan could have numerous benefits to St James:

  • Increased 'sense of community' because of the collaborative neighbourhood planning process;
  • Greater hope for the future and confidence that the social balance of the area will not continue to be be lost;
  • Better planning, development and investment decisions which take into account the views of the community;
  • It is likely to be possible to identify and seek to secure funding for projects which may be of benefit to the community, for example enhanced green space or new community facilities;
  • The ability to identify community assets for enhancement and protection under the provisions of new planning law;
  • More local jobs and opportunities arising from measures to support the St James economy;
  • The ability to encourage services and development that are not currently met within St James;
  • Improved relations and linkages between the community, planning authorities and our Associates;


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See the Neighbourhood Plan Main Document   


Helping Hand – If your area is thinking about developing a Neighbourhood Plan, find out how we went about setting up our Forum and the process involved in meeting the government’s criteria and procedures. CLICK   

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