Key Priorities

One of the first steps in preparing for the plan involves compiling facts and figures about the area to ensure we have all the evidence we need. There are three key areas of priority – People, Places and Prosperity. Task groups have been set up to gather the information in these categories and to report back with the findings. As we begin to build a picture of our area we will periodically publish the information on the following three designated website pages...





Planning for People (promoting a balanced and vibrant community for St James)

We will work to ensure that the community of St James has the services it needs and has housing to meet the needs of all residents at all stages of their lives.




Planning for Places (making St James an attractive, environmentally healthy and sustainable place)

We will work to protect and enhance the natural, built and historic environment of St James, use natural resources prudently and to mitigate and adapt to climate change, including moving to a low-carbon economy.




Planning for Prosperity (improving the economy of St James)

We will work to support local businesses, encourage new businesses and social enterprises that benefit the community. We will seek to make it easier to get planning consent for business and development the community strongly supports.


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