The Forum Constitution



1. Exeter St James Forum was established by a number of Residents’ Associations and individuals in the St James ward for the express purpose of promoting or improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the ward primarily through the development and implementation of a Neighbourhood Plan

2. The Forum shall exist for 5 years from its formal designation by Exeter City Council, and at its AGM at the end of year 4 (2016) the AGM will give consideration to a continuing or successor organisation to maintain and monitor the St James Neighbourhood Plan

3. The Forum’s ultimate authority comes from its Annual General Meeting

a) The AGM, and any other public meetings held, give legitimacy to the Steering Group of the Forum (as defined in 5e) below) and the plans they or Forum task or working groups may develop
b) If there is more than one public meeting in any one year, one (in May or June) will be designated as the AGM
c) The AGM will be called with at least 15 working days’ notice once per year by informing all residential properties in the ward
d) The AGM has the power to both elect, and remove by a vote of no confidence, any member of the Steering Group
e) At each AGM the Chair will provide a written report, the Treasurer will provide a set of accounts for the previous year and the Minute secretary will record the proceedings

4. Forum membership is open to all residents of St James ward

a) Individuals can sign up as members at any Forum public meetings or by contacting the Forum via its website or any Steering Group member
b) Members may be contacted by the Steering Group from time to time to act as a litmus test for ideas and proposals or to be invited to participate in other activities related to the work of the Forum
c) Individuals running businesses or working in St James or with an interest in St James can become Associate Members of the Forum, can attend meetings, including the AGM, can volunteer for the Forum and receive Forum mailings but cannot vote at the AGM
d) Membership is open to all elected local authority councillors whose ward or division includes St James
e) The Forum can liaise with the larger employers in the ward via designated representative(s)
f) Membership of the Forum should at all times be a minimum of 21 individuals

5. Forum Steering Group

a) The Steering Group (SG) exists to co-ordinate, implement and monitor the work of the Forum including developing a Neighbourhood Plan for St James. It will prioritise, schedule and publicise the work of the Forum
b) The SG is a working committee made up from Forum members elected at the AGM and representatives of Residents’ Associations within St James, all of whom have a vote.
c) Non- voting SG members with specialist skills may be co-opted onto the SG and the SG may set up Task or Working Groups of Forum members for specific projects or tasks to be undertaken
d) The SG will liaise with the relevant bodies such as the University, Exeter City Football Club, business associations, the local authorities and the elected representatives for St James ward
e) Steering Group Members to be elected at the AGM, are: Chair, Treasurer, Minute Secretary and Membership Secretary plus 5 Open Place members
f) SG decision making can be by consensus or after a vote – the Chair will have the casting vote
g) The SG has the power to hold votes of no confidence in any member by simple vote
h) Only full members of the Forum may stand for the Steering Group and should be nominated by a member or Associate Member
i) Representatives of Residents’ groups and associations on the SG are responsible for communicating between the Forum and their group/association

j) The Steering Group will receive and consider reports from relevant project groups and panels


6. Forum Funding

The Forum can raise funds for its activities by one or more of the following methods:

a) Charging membership fees on an individual and/or associate member basis – level of fees to be agreed at an AGM or extraordinary general meeting
b) Submitting applications to grant awarding bodies for appropriate funds
c) Working in partnership with organisations which have funds to spend in the St James ward
d) By other means in keeping with the role of the Forum, including revenue from the website, donations, and proceeds from events

June 2013



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